August Wilson

“I always say I’m a struggling playwright, because I am struggling to get the next play on the page. You sit down in the chair, and basically it’s you and the page. A play, after all, is just words on the page, and words are free. You don’t have to go buy five pounds of words. There can be five thousand words. And if it doesn’t work, tear it up and start over. When you sit down and write, write the best play that’s ever been written. If you’re not trying to do that, why bother to sit down?”

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“It’s really a good book. People who read it will learn something about the craft of playwriting and the way playwrights think.”

—Edward Albee

“Such splendid photos, such interesting texts…”

—Eric Bentley

“Not only am I honored to be included, but I loved the inclusiveness of the volume: so many of my friends, colleagues, and mentors in one book! The book is very handsome and well done. Congratulations to all.”

—Eric Bogosian

“I just got my copy of In Their Company, and it looks absolutely terrific. Many thanks for including me in it, and all the best luck with the book. And let me add how much I admire your fortitude in working on it over the years.”

—David Ives

“The book is exquisite.  Also, for some strange reason, the accumulated interviews add up to something strangely melancholy. Your perfect, accurate, and somber (mostly) photos added to the weight of so much struggle and disappointment revealed in the texts—the bad reviews and lack of appreciation for so much glorious work, the waning audiences, the alcoholism and the aging, the ongoing aesthetic grappling with tragedy as a form—it truly made my heart ache, even with the occasional flashes of humor.  It’s a sobering monument. It’s also a remarkable achievement. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

—Craig Lucas

“The book is beautiful. It does us all proud. It was worth the time and effort many times over.”

—Terrence McNally

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